Two Major Malaysia Sportsbook Platforms Leading the Game

Updated: February 19, 2019

The events that are available for the purpose of betting include swimming, Athletics, Rugby, boxing, Cricket, Motorsports, golf, Pool, snooker, table tennis and badminton. The other games include Tennis, darts, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, field and ice hockey as well as American football. With the best online web platforms you can bet on basketball and football, dog as well as horse racing. There are bingo sites and poker rooms where you can play. Here are other sportsbook platforms that are discussed below.

WinningFt –an interactive platform for gaming

An online interactive gaming company has to be Malaysia Sportsbook that focuses primarily to offer betting and sports products as well as services for the European and Asia Pacific markets. This is done through multiple brands. It was founded in the year of 2004; it is regulated and licensed by Resort Corporation and first Cayagan for the Authority of Economic zone of the government of Philippines, Netherlands Antilles Government on Curacao’s island and the Costa Rica’s government.

This gaming company has almost more than a decade of conducting games with full fairness and is known to have transacted more than ten billion bets, successful ones for the record, since its inception in 2004. There is wide spectrum of gaming and betting products offered in successful sports betting, financial betting, poker, lottery, Egaming slots and casino. The tenets are mentioned below for Winningft.

Fifteen years of expertise

These gaming and betting products have been provided to more than hundred thousand customers, worldwide. Corporate and management officers of this company have more than fifteen years of expertise that is really worth it especially because they have successfully held sports trading. This has made Winning FT as the pioneer Malaysia Sportsbook as well as operator of gaming in both the European and Asia pacific markets. This philosophy of this website drives the mission in the growing of business by successfully seeking to deliver an overall experience that is nothing short of best.


The odds which are the most competitively priced can be experienced at SBOBET. It is one of the major sportsbooks that has also made it is a very popular and leading gaming brands online, in Asia. They have been known to offer more than four hundred events of sports betting each week, with coverage of an extensive kind for major leagues of football and the international events of sporting. There are live updates provided on football, paid payouts, immediate confirmation on winnings, fast betting and easy access online. All these are available all round the clock.

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