Singaporean Bettors Love Basketball Betting

Singaporeans love betting on football, a king sport that brings many dramatic moments, but there is a very popular sport in the world that many Singaporean bettors have not noticed, that is basketball, a fast growing and strong sport in Singapore.

When the football betting market is biger, the odds is very competitive, then turning to basketball betting is a wise choice.

Like any other sport, to win at basketball betting, the most basic thing you must know and understand is about the basic rules and conditions of basketball. Understanding the concepts and rules of the game will help you make sharper decisions.

Basketball Rules

A basketball game will have 2 competing teams, each team has 5 members. To win, the players must throw the ball into the opponent’s basket as much as possible. Besides, the players must also know how to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into their team’s basket.

Each match will last 40 minutes, divided into 4 halves of 10 minutes each. The longest break between the 2nd and 3rd halves is 15 minutes. The rest, the rest time between the other rounds is only 2 minutes. If after 4 innings the 2 teams are tied, then 1 or more 5 minute extra time will be played to determine the winner.

In basketball, the home team has the right to choose the basket and the bench. In the 3rd round, the 2 teams will exchange baskets (switch sides of the playing court).

Basketball betting is a very stimulating and exciting game, you hit fast and win fast and the chances of winning are very clear. However, to increase your chances of winning.

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