Land-based Casino, Live Casino or Online Casino: Which Casino in the Digital Age?

Updated: February 29, 2020
Casino in the Digital Age?

While the casino and its gambling have seduced for centuries and centuries, without ever losing their charm, the way of playing has nevertheless evolved. Indeed, the casino has always attracted all generations, who like to come and relax and try to make ends meet.

But at a time when digital reigns, and when many sectors are digitalizing, what about gambling and the casino? It seems that this field is no exception to the rule and that traditional casinos must also face new competitors. Indeed, online casinos, applications and other means of betting from your phone or computer are developing more and more.

The casino: from its origins to today

The casinos and their gambling were born in USA in 1931, from a specific decree allowing the prefects of police to legal or not the opening of casinos. For this, the future owners had to fulfil certain conditions relating to the type of establishment in which to open the casino or to the number of inhabitants of the agglomeration. Since that time, their number has only grown in the country and the players have multiplied.

Unfortunately, if slot machines and casinos have had their heyday, the tide is gradually turning for these establishments, which must, like many other sectors, in turn, fight against advances in digital technology. Indeed, in recent years, we have witnessed a strong rise in power of the Internet and digital, giving way to the creation of a whole bunch of websites.

Online casinos and live casinos

To the despair of traditional casinos, players are turning more and more to live casinos which allow you to play a game, roulette or blackjack for example, directly from your screen.

Everything takes place then, as its name suggests live as if the customer was actually in a casino: the environment is similar, it is possible to chat with his table, etc. For those who wish, there are also online casinos, that is to say, platforms on which it is possible to play slot machines, again from his bed or his sofa, without having to go out from home.

Consequently, casinos must struggle to resist the development of online games, betting everything on their unique decor and the special atmosphere of their establishment. However, players are more and more attracted by online casinos, their convenience and all the communication that is done around, with promotions and welcome offers.

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