How to Play East Sea Dragon King?

East Sea Dragon King was released in 2019 by NetEnt, an online slot with 96.23% RTP with bonuses focused on your Wild.

Among the features that most attract players to the East Sea Dragon King slot machine, its symbol group win format is quite interesting. Instead of fixed lines, a good number of replicas can combine anywhere.

Before starting the East Sea Dragon King game, the player must decide whether to play in demo mode for free or in real money. In the first one, it is possible to practice but not collect the real gains.

Once the choice is made, it is necessary to define the value of each bet with two settings, as in other NetEnt slots games. The player adjusts both the level (level) and the value (coin value), ranging between 0.10 and 200 coins.

Game rules

  • East Sea Dragon King has no paylines.
  • You need at least 5 of the same symbols to be close together to win anything, up to a maximum of 15.
  • Wild expands and covers an entire cylinder automatically.
  • When a Wild appears, the player receives an extra free spin automatically as well.

With no paylines, East Sea Dragon King is another one of NetEnt’s slot machines that focuses only on grouping identical symbols. Therefore, in order to obtain any winnings, it is necessary to be lucky that at least five of the same, with or without the participation of a Wild, match.

In addition to Wild, there are seven symbols in this slot. They all represent natural or lost treasures at the bottom of the sea, showing how NetEnt has truly dedicated itself to creating a well-crafted game.

Instead of a free spin bonus activated by a Scatter, the East Sea Dragon King grants an additional spin just for each Wild that appears on the screen. If new Wilds appear, one more spin is given for each of them.

Despite being a limited bonus, it’s worth considering the possibility of higher winnings, since it’s Expandable Wilds. Knowing that this is a game from a renowned provider and that the game has more than 96% RTP, we are sure that there is a balance in this bonus.


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