Dillon Brooks Slams Draymond Green and the Warriors

Dillon Brooks showed his strong personality and slammed the Golden State Warriors and the forward Draymond Green.

The Memphis Grizzlies winger and the Warriors star are known, among other things, for their trash talk and rougher plays during matches.

“I don’t like the Warriors or Draymond Green at all. He talks a lot and gets away with a lot on the court.” Brooks said.

“Draymond plays well for the Warriors, but if you put him on another team, no one will know who he is. He plays with confidence, he knows the defensive shortcuts, and I think that’s why people like him.

“So I just don’t like the Golden State, I don’t like anything related to them,” Brooks added.

On the other hand, the controversial Grizzlies winger praised Stephen Curry’s mental strength. Furthermore, Brooks bragged about guarding NBA superstars.

“All sorts of defenders have tagged Steph. Warriors plays are made for him. The team, by the way, makes illegal blocks for him every game, but Steph is one of the few athletes who are mentally strong when they face me. So, I like to tag the big stars, the darlings of the league.” Brooks said.

“I know I can cancel them. It’s not a job that everyone wants, and that’s what makes me different. The guys don’t like to deal with physicality.

“Anyway, they don’t like having someone glued to them all night. I want them to be angry, emotionally unbalanced ,” he added.

The Grizzlies’ fight with the current NBA champion is relatively new. After all, the teams have met in the last two playoffs. The Memphis team won the play-in game in 2020/21.

The Warriors overcame the Grizzlies in the conference semifinals (4-2) last season. At the end of the game, marked by physicality, Stephen Curry revealed that Brooks said “a lot of crazy things” during the game.

But, the Memphis player was suspended after a flagrant foul on Gary Payton II in the second game of the series.


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