Blackjack Basic Concepts

Black is one of the best card games. In live casino Blackjack, the opponents are the other players at the table and the dealer.

If you choose the slot machine version of the game, the result will be based on the random number generator algorithm.

In the best live casino, the opponent is an experienced dealer. So, before playing, you need to learn the terminology. At the beginning, you will see a virtual table with buttons:

• Bet: The dealer deals the cards.

• Stand: Stop giving castes.

• Hit: Take one more card from the deck.

• Double: To double the bet.

• Split. Divide your hand in two. It is allowed if after the first round of cards if the player has cards of the same value.

• Insurance: Pay the insurance against failures for half the amount invested. This occurs if the Dealer has an Ace.

• Surrender: Fold and take half the bet.

Here are the basic terms of blackjack:

• Shoes: is the device in which the cards are arranged;

• Hand: is the combination of the player and the dealer;

• Shuffle: is the shuffle of cards.

Depending on the type of Blackjack, different combinations are allowed in the game. There may also not be the possibility of Insurance.

So, before choosing the bestes live casino table, make sure you clearly know which game is played by the dealer and read the rules.

In classic Blackjack, only one deck is used. Depending on the combination at hand, a user can Double, Triple, Insurance or fold.

It is worth mentioning that throughout the existence of the game, changes were made to the classic rules. These are the main varieties of Backjack:

• American: If there is a tie at the table, the bet is returned to the player. The dealer stops when the cards add up to 17. When the dealer has an Ace or a ten, he must look at the hole card. If it hits a blackjack, the game ends with the casino winning.

• Open: The dealer shows her two cards at once. If the player and dealer have the same number of points, the pot goes to the casino. Blackjack is paid 1 to 1. You cannot take Insurance or fold.

• 21 Spanish: 6 decks are involved in the game. If a player accumulated 21 points, he will receive a payout. This can be avoid by the dealer’s Blackjack. A combination of three sevens is eligible for a bonus.

Still, it must be said that these are just a few types. When accessing a live casino, the player will be able to choose from many other modalities.


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