All you Need to Know about the Game of Toto

The game of probability is also known as gambling. One of the earliest forms of gambling is lotteries. Lottery is a kind of a gambling game where the participant draws a random number, and if the drawn number matches with the winning number, then the participant receives a grand prize. With the invention of internet, now lotteries can also be played online. Millions of participants all around the world are playing lottery every day from the comforts of their home.

Different kind of Lotteries

1) TOTO: Lottery oriented games are completely based on an individual’s luck. But TOTO is an exceptional game of lottery where the participant can maximize their chance of winning by buying more tickets and the reward is usually pretty huge. In the game of TOTO players need skills and the knowledge of mathematics for winning the game. If an individual has a tight grip over the subject of probability, then that person has a strong chance of increasing their profits from the game. You can try your luck on these available TOTO games as per your convenience.

1. TOTO 4D
2. TOTO 5D
3. TOTO 6D
4. Mega TOTO
5. Star TOTO
6. Power TOTO & Supreme
7. Singapore TOTO and many more.

2) 4D: Toto can also be played in the format of 4 digits where, the player can select a set of number from 0 to 9.This game completely depends on luck, and it does not require any player to have skills to win. The reason being that there are no strategies or tricks to maximize the chances of winning the lottery. In this game a player needs to guess 4 digits between 0000 to 9999. This is the reason why the acronym is 4D. On an average 23 winning numbers are drawn during each game, which is the sole reason for increasing the chances of winning the game. A minimum amount of 1 MYR or 1 SGD has to be placed for bet; the bet can be of two types, a big bet and a small bet. This reputable online Lottery forums also offers the following games:

1. Magnum 4D
2. Damacai 4D
3. TOTO 4D
4. Sandakan 4D
5. Sarawak Cash weep
6. Singapore 4D and many more.

Rules for playing TOTO

The player has to pick at least six numbers between 1 and 49. Just like its 4D counterpart a minimum bet of 1 MYR or 1 SGD has to be placed for each set of numbers. If the drawn number matches at least three of the winning numbers, then the player wins a prize. There is a huge probability for a player to win the jackpot in Toto; all you have to do is select a set of number which matches the six winning numbers.

If all these information excites you then you can avail these games at online betting platforms, which you can easily access from your Smartphone or your Laptop. To have a safe and secure transaction it is always advocated to select leading online betting site in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.


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