If you are having problems with loging into your account then please go with the following steps:

– Make sure that you have received your account details

– Check the login details if you have entered the right username and password.

– If you forgot your username or password, call our hotline or email us. We will help to recover your username and reset your password. In case of problems with signing in recently follow the given steps

– Check your username and password.

– If you have changed your login details and forgotten then call our hotline or email us

– In case you have started the self exclusion process then you wouldn’t be able to login unt self exclusion time duration is over.

– Avoid using incorrect username and password repeatedly, since that can block you for security reasons. Please call our hotline or contact our customer support team.

– To ensure better security, your account may be locked temporarily.

Please get in touch with our customer service team for proper instructions