Deposition of funds is very easy and speedy process. There are a range of payment options. If you are depositing immediately after account activation you will be taken directly to the deposit page.

You might also call us for assistance. Select the payment methods from the menu in the bottom. The respective payment methods will be generated depending on the payment mode you select. Payment modes vary according to the different types of currency. Click on the preferred payment option and enter your details. We might have to provide your details to the third-party payment sources. Finally, if your transaction is done properly you will be taken back to page displaying confirmation for a successful transaction. If the transaction stands incomplete or rejected by us or the third-party payment source, the confirmation page will display the same. If you have deposited funds previously then you just sign in and call our hotline or mail us deposit money. Check if the deposit mode is available and select your payment mode. Select your payment mode and give your details.